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2024 Roofing Contractor Insurance Restoration and Hail Damage Forms

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Some of the largest Roofing Contractors in the US specialize in hail damage, insurance restoration roofing work. The entire insurance industry runs on paperwork... this is the "language" the insurance industry "speaks" in.  If you do not have the right paperwork when undertaking this type of roofing work, you will not be successful at it... period. It's simple, if you want to "talk" to the insurance company you have to "speak" the same "language" they do. If you think you can just make up your own estimate, Contingency Agreements, etc. and demand that the Insurance Company "speak your language"... think again.... your paperwork will go to the bottom of the pile since it means more work for the Insurance Adjuster assigned to the claim. 

Any roofing job paid by insurance proceeds requires specialized paperwork. This type of job has a few problems that you do not have in usual roofing jobs. First, in many cases, you will not have a scope of work for the project since the Insurance Company has not provided it yet. Without a scope of work, you also do not have a contract price for the work! You can't assume the Insurance Company will pay for everything you think should be done so you can't bid the job based on that. This means you cannot sign the customer to a binding home improvement contract since: 1) You have no scope and therefore cannot specify what work will actually be done: and: 2) No scope also means no price. To have a binding Contract with a homeowner you need a scope and a price... at least if you want the court to recognize it as such. 

This is where a "Contingency Agreement" like our Authorization of the Insured Form comes into play before a contract for the work is signed.  The contingency agreement "binds" the customer, at least as much as you can at that point, to having you do the work contingent on the claim being approved and for the amount the Insurance Company allows. The scope part of the contingency is stated as the Insurance Scope of Work or Final Loss Invoice... without being more specific than that.  The price part is whatever the Insurance Company Allows for the work less the customers Insurance Deductible.  The contingency also gives the Roofing Contractor permission to contact the Insurance Company and it contains other important provisions such as considerations for profit and overhead and direct pay as well as having the customer agree that only you will do the work if the claim is approved. One of the biggest problems the Insurance Restoration Contractor has is customers using another contractor to do the job after you have done all the up front "leg" work in order to make money by keeping some of the approved claim money for themselves. 

If you plan on doing emergency work such as board-ups or tarping a leaking roof that a tree fell through, you'll need an agreement for this like our Damage Mitigation Agreements. Discover some additional work that was hidden until you start the tear-off, like rotted sheathing, and you'll need to put a supplemental claim into the insurance company on a form like our Supplement form. Sometimes you will need different "release" forms and "Completion Forms" to get signed by the customer in order for to get paid. If, like many Roofing Contractors who do this type of work, you will also be doing other exterior repairs such as siding damaged by hail or windows, you will need forms for this as well. Forms like out of pocket cost breakdowns and invoices for recoverable depreciation or even homeowner instructions for filing a claim... will also be useful in this type of business. All these forms and more are specific to Roofing Insurance work like hail damage, and all are essential for success!  And... ACT Contractor Forms has these forms! 

The forms below are optionally available for the full version of ACT Contractors Forms Software and also as fillable pdf forms, and most as printed multi-part paper forms. These forms cover all the paperwork you will need to run a successful Roofing Insurance Restoration Business!


Click on Thumbnails below to see LARGER samples...

  • AOI- Authorization of the Insured Contingency Agreement 
  • AOI-ALL- Authorization of the Insured Contingency Agreement with Rescission and Cancellation Penalty
  • AOIC- Authorization of the Insured Contingency Agreement for Commercial Properties
  • AOI-NC- Authorization of the Insured Contingency Agreement with Recission
  • AOI-NC1- Authorization of the Insured Contingency Agreement with Cancellation Penalty
  • ARI- Authorization to Release Information
  • ARII-Authorization to Release Insurance Information... direct pay
  • ARIM- Authorization to Release Mortgage Information... direct pay
  • BP1- Bid Proposal for Insurance Work
  • CDMA- Insurance Repair Completion Certificate
  • DMA- Damage Mitigation Agreement
  • FAC- Filing an Insurance Claim Sheet
  • INVD- Insurance Recoverable Depreciation Invoice
  • PRS- Insurance Out of Pocket Specifications and Breakdown
  • RBPI- Roofing Bid Proposal for Insurance
  • RC3I- Roofing Residential Roofing Contract paid by Insurance Proceeds
  • RRO- Insurance Roof Repair Order
  • SUP- Insurance Restoration Supplemental Claim Form


Click on the THUMBNAILS right above to see a LARGER Sample.

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