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Hold Harmless From Customer Refused Recommendations

Hold Harmless From Hazardous Materials

Addendum For Matching Existing Conditions & Finishes

Cost Of Work Addendums for T & M and Cost Plus Work

Project Allowances Addendum

List Of Suppliers 

List of Subcontractors

Payment Schedule

Joint Control Addendum


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TIP: Use a separate Roofing Bid Form or Roofing Estimate/Proposal Form for your estimates like those on this page instead of using a combined Roofing Proposal and Contract form. Roofing contractors get lazy on this because they view the "selling" part of contracting as a "time suck" that takes away from their hours spent working. Many Roofing Contractors just want to get the bid over with and get "back to work" so making one trip is better than two. The Roofing Proposal/Contract form is designed as one form combining the roofing bid (one step) and the roofing contract (second step) together into one trip to the customer's home. The roofing bid will be MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL when you include marketing and sales documents like one of our roofing bid proposal forms instead of legal documents like roofing contracts and agreements or roofing proposal/contracts. Remember, until your customer signs the contract, you are a SALESPERSON for your roofing business. No professional salesperson in any construction trade worth anything would ever complicate a sales presentation by introducing the "legalese" found in a roofing proposal/contract into his/her sales visit. Show why the customer should pick your company to roof their home or building because of the benefits your roofing company provides that the other roofers don't. You don't want the customer to base their buying decision on the legal "boilerplate" contained on your roofing contract... especially when the "boilerplate" you include is because you ARE complying with your state's contractor law and the other roofing company IS NOT!  

The first rule of sales is to make it easy for the customer to buy from you. Part of the buying process is choosing which company the customer will contract with to do the roofing work. Make it easy for the customer to choose your roofing company over the other guy. Our roofing bidding and estimation forms, like those shown below, are a great place to start! Only after you get the ok to proceed with the roofing job should you bring out the legal stuff (roofing contract)... never before! This two-step sales process we are talking about WILL TURN MORE OF THE JOBS YOU BID ON INTO SALES!

2024 Roofing Bid and Estimate Forms For Roofing Contractors

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Roofing Contractors... Your roofing bid, estimate, and marketing  forms build the image your customer sees of your roofing business. Sloppy, "cobbled together", homegrown looking paperwork gives an image of impermanence, you know a "fly by night" operation... and nobody wants to do business with a company like that! 

To maximize success, your roofing estimate or bid should include:

1. A professionally designed, easily understood, organized estimate written on a simple but detailed roofing bid form like those shown below. The roofing bid form should only CONTAIN legal "stuff" that is required by law. Save the real legal "stuff" for the actual roofing contract not the bid. Your goal is to convince the potential customer you are the best roofing contractor to do the roofing work they need done. At this point, your goal is NOT to "lay down the law" with legal notices, terms and conditions for them to have to read through and try and understand.

2. If issues with their roof exist that need to be dealt with, include photos of the areas and explain to your customer how you will fix these issues in detail. Form IPS (Inspection Photo Sheet), and ACT Contractors Forms Software, allows you to take digital photos of the "bad spots" on the roof and easily drag and drop these photos directly onto the IPS form. From there you can print the photos out on the IPS form and give this into to your prospective customer. Remember the saying "one picture is worth a thousand words"? Photos make your roofing bid more powerful and build value into your bid.

3. A drawing can often explain and clarify much better than a written description. Use our form PSH (plan sheet), shown below, to quickly make drawings to illustrate what words alone cannot.

4. Always include a list of satisfied customers... you know... a Job References Document like our form JRS shown below. List happy customers so that your potential client knows you do good work and are capable of FINISHING their roof because their roof, will just be another of the many successful roofs completed by your company in the past. Even better. . . Show job photos next to the customer reference. ACT Contractors Forms Software allows you to easily create job references and add photos to any form..

5. It is always a good idea to Include a copy of your roofing warranty for both labor and the materials available for the customer to choose from. Why? Because it will separate your roofing company from the competition. Most roofing contractors will not bother with this... even though the warranty is one of the most important considerations the customer uses to choose their roofer! It shows that your roofing company, as well as the makers of the roofing materials you use, will stand behind the work. Our form WC1 or CWC1 (Roofing Limited Workmanship Warranty) are designed for this purpose.

ACT Contractors Forms Software makes it easy to create a roofing bid/estimate presentation that wins! We include ALL the forms listed in 1-5 above (and many more forms). Adding photos to any form is easy with and with our form software.


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ACT CONTRACTORS FORMS OFFERS THE FOLLOWING 13 ROOFING CONTRACTOR BID  PROPOSAL FORMS AND RELATED ROOFING ESTIMATE FORMS TO MEET EVERY SITUATION The forms below are included in the full version of ACT Contractors Forms Software and most are also available as fillable pdf forms and as printed multi-part paper forms.

Click on Thumbnails below to see LARGER samples...

  • BP1- Bid Proposal Form "Blank" Roofing Bid Proposal Form to property owner or agent that can be used for any type of roofing job including commercial.
  • BP2- Subcontractor Bid "Blank" Roofing Bid Proposal Form for roofing subcontractor giving bid to a General Contractor or agent.
  • ESTIMATE- Roofing line Item Estimate & Bid Form given to property owner or agent when a detailed "Xactimate" type roofing bid is requested or needed.
  • ESTIMATE-LONG- Same as the "ESTIMATE" form except this is a legal size page to allow for more writing room for the Roofing Estimate.
  • IPS- Inspection Photo Sheet for bidding roofing jobs. Add Photos to your bid or other documents for clarification or illustration of problem areas on the roof.
  • JRS- Job Reference Sheet for marketing & sales. List happy customers and add credibility to your roofing company and show samples of the different roofing materials you have installed.
  • PSH-Job Drawing Sheet for making simple drawings to illustrate areas on a roofing project such as structural or dry-rotted areas.
  • RBP- Roofing Specific Bid Proposal & Estimate Form
  • RBP2- Optional Roofing Specific Bid & Estimate Form
  • RBP3- Third Optional Roofing Specific Bid & Estimate Form
  • RBPF- Flat Roof Bid Proposal & Estimate Form
  • RFB- Request for Bid get a bid from potential subcontractors needed on your roofing project.
  • RFM- Request for a Material Price from a possible roofing material supplier on your roofing project.


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