California Contractors. Does the contract you use between your company and a home owner comply with the latest, 2024, section 7159 of the Business & Professions Code? Take this simple CA Home Improvement Contract test to see!

Step ONE!

Get a copy of the contract form you use in your business. Make sure it is the contract you use when doing home improvement work. Home improvement work is work you do for a home owner or tenant on their residence.

Step TWO!

With a copy of your home improvement contract form in front of you, take this simple test by answering these 9 questions about what the form does or does not contain!
Click on either yes or no to see if your form complies with this California CSLB law.
Make sure your pop up blocker is turned off because the answers will open up in a new window! HERE IS THE TEST!

1. My contract has a 3-day right to cancel form included on the backside with the other notices and provisions so the customer can cut it out and send it to me if they wish to cancel.


YES     NO

2. My contract tells the date when work will start and when work will end.


YES     NO

3. My contract has a notice titled "Notice to Owner" describing liens and ways to prevent them.


YES     NO

4. My contract has a heading where the work being done is described titled "Description of the Project and Description of the Significant Materials to be Used...."


YES     NO

5. My contract has a heading titled "Down Payment" and a notice by it stating how much the down payment can be by California Law.


YES     NO

6. My contract has a heading titled "Schedule of Progress Payments" and a bold notice by it stating that it is against the law for a contractor to collect payment for work not yet completed or materials not yet delivered.


YES     NO

7. My contract has a title that includes the words "Home Improvement."


YES     NO

8. My contract includes statements about whether or not I carry Workers Compensation and Liability Insurances for my business.


YES     NO

9. I saw a CA Home Improvement Contract on this website that is only 2 pages long... does this contract comply with all the California Laws?


YES     NO


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