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Want to go PAPERLESS?  IT'S EASY with our form software AND best of all... You don't need an EXPENSIVE INTERNET BASED SUBSCRIPTION!

Contractor Forms Software & Custom Printed Forms specific for your Contracting Trade and State- 2024 VERSIONS AVAILABLE NOW for EVERY STATE!

Form samples can be previewed on this website!

LOOKING FOR FORMS FOR INSURANCE REPAIR WORK (Hail Damage, storm, fire, flood, wind)? WE HAVE THEM!


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Contractors, we have the very latest (2024) Contracts and other Forms in versions for EACH of the 50 STATES! Our forms are UPDATED Immediately upon any law changes for each state so you always have the most current forms possible!
Celebrating over 25 Years keeping contractors SAFE, LEGAL and PROSPEROUS!

We offer Five Products/Services for Contractors:

  • Our Stand Alone Form Software Program... ACT Contractors Forms Software.
  • We offer Custom Printed Paper Forms (white & yellow copies NCR).
  • We offer PDF forms that can be emailed to you in a few minutes!
  • Ipad forms and forms for other tablet devices.
  • We offer custom form creation to your specifications. Forms can be created as a PDF form, as a form we print for you, as a high resolution PDF that can be printed by your local commercial printer, or as a form to work with our software program... ACT Contractors Forms Software.

Over 25 years of construction form experience goes into everything we sell! 

We know once you see our forms you'll agree that ACT Contractors Forms Software makes a one or two man operation look like you have 20 guys in the office... and makes a twenty man operation run more efficiently that it ever has before! 

WE HAVE PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN AND TYPESET Construction Contractor Forms... not the multi page contract "letters" that others offer! Our forms do not get longer as you type like Microsoft Word based forms. We don't want you to scare your customers with letter type contracts that are pages and pages long. That's why we designed most of our forms on a single page (front and back). Our contracts and other forms do a better job protecting you with a much less threatening look.  Our forms are here for you to take a look at. Over the years, we have had customers use our forms for $300 jobs and we have had customers use our forms for $3,000,000 jobs... We're proud of that! Experience has taught us to KNOW what SHOULD be on your forms and what SHOULD NOT be on your forms. We know how good our forms are so we don't have to hide them from you. And we do not hide behind our website. Give us a call anytime between 7:30am and 8:00pm M-F Pacific and we will be here to answer any question you have about using our forms and form software. Call us and we will help you decide which of our products will best fit your needs, and we will help you with your order.

With ACT Contractors Forms Software, our easy to use, stand alone contractor form software, you can... 

Fill out and print as many or as few construction forms as needed, conveniently from your computer for pennies a copy. What you see on screen is what you get when you print the form so there are no mistakes or waste. Use plain paper or use carbonless paper. Either way, we'll teach you how!

  • Start printing your forms right out of the box because we will custom burn a CD for you with your information in place on each and every form. Or you can save money and easily do it yourself.
  • Use color on your forms and include your LOGO or pictures.
  • Check the spelling with the built in spell checker.
  • Have all the documents you will ever need like contracts, subcontracts, change orders, warranty certificates, lien releases, Pre-Lien Notices (20 day notices), bids, warranties, and much, much, more right at your fingertips.
  • Change anything that you want. Don't throw your paperwork away when you move! Just change the address! New Laws? No Problem! Need something that is missing? Just Add It! Got a new LOGO, just add it! Don't feel you have to "use up" your old, out of date contracts because you have so much money invested in them.
  • Convert any form to PDF so it can be emailed to your customers. Save time and "running around". Work more efficiently.
  • Never have an out of date contractor form on your shelf again because you can print a few at a time and if you need to make a change you do it before you print the next form.
  • Print your filled in contractor forms on plain paper or print your own carbonless construction forms. Print out blank forms for use in the field.
  • Create anything you have a commercial printer do for you like fliers, business cards, brochures, letterheads, door hangers etc. Even lay out your newspaper, yellow page and other ads! Custom make any construction form you need, you can do it yourself with our software!
  • Use your laptop or Windows tablet or Mac running Windows to fill out and print bids right at the job site instead of typing them out at your office.
  • Be able to see exactly what your form will look like before you print so there are no mistakes.
  • Keep copies of all of your bids and other documents right at hand on your computer where they are easy to find so you don't have to tear your office up looking for a bid you did a year ago that wants the job done now.          


Overly Long Construction Forms Scare & Intimidate your customers!

We're Long Construction Forms Scare Your Customersnot sure who thought it was a good idea to make 10, 20, and we have even seen, 30 PAGE Contracts and other Construction Forms...
  ...But it was certainly not anyone who has ever had to sit across from a homeowner at their kitchen table and tried to get them to sign one of these contract "BOOKS" that scares the pants off them! You know... a form written by someone who has never tried to explain to a homeowner why your proposal is 10 pages of fine print and your competitors is only one page!   

The fact is that state and federal law compliant, trade specific forms DO NOT HAVE to be this way! We have something NO other form publisher has or even claims to have... The "boots on the ground" CONSTRUCTION EXPERIENCE earned from writing and managing thousands of construction jobs. 

Most of the content of these 10, 20 and even 30 page forms covers situations that all but a very, very small number of contractors will likely EVER see... so Why include page after scary page of this un-necessary, fine print "filler" that screams "LAWYER" and makes your customer afraid you are "Laying Down The Law" to them!

Our forms have what you need to keep you safe and legal and complaint with the Federal Government and with your specific states laws... and our forms help you SELL THE CUSTOMER... NOT SCARE THEM AWAY!

The bottom line... You can have a form covering everything a Lawyer can dream up or that can be copied from samples on the internet, but if your customer won't sign it or you can't explain it to them without a law degree... YOU ARE OUT OF BUSINESS!