2019 Painting Bid Form, Painting Estimate Form or Painting Contractor Bid Form also known as Painting Bid Proposal Forms. Available as an Exterior Painting Bid Proposal, as an Interior Painting Bid Proposal and as a Commercial Painting Bid Proposal.

Painting Contractors, Painters, Painting Companies. . . Your painting bid form, proposal form or estimate form tells the customer much about your painting business and is a crucial part of your bidding success. 

For maximum success, your bid presentation to the customer should include:

  1. A neat, organized bid written on a professionally designed painting bid form like our XBP(Exterior Painting Bid Proposal Form), IBP(Interior Painting Bid Proposal Form) or BP1(Painting Bid Proposal)(see below). The painting bid form should NOT CONTAIN any legal "stuff". Save the legal "stuff" for the painting contract not the bid. Your object here is to convince the customer that you are the best painting contractor, painting subcontractor, painter, or painting company to do their paint job, not to "lay down the law" with legal notices, terms and conditions.

  2. If there are existing problem areas in the painted surfaces, include photos of the problem areas and next to these, tell your customer how you will fix these problems in detail. Our form IPS (Inspection Photo Sheet) and ACT Contractors Forms Software allows you to take digital photos of the problem areas and easily drag and drop these photos directly onto the IPS form. From there you can print the photos out on the IPS form and include this into your painting bid presentation. Remember the saying "one picture is worth a thousand words"? Photos strengthen your painting bid. . . PERIOD!

  3. If the project can best be illustrated to the customer in a drawing, include one! Use our form PSH (plan sheet), shown below, to quickly make drawings of the painting project area(s).

  4. Always include a Painting Job References Sheet. . . our form JRS shown below. List all your happy customers here so that your potential customer knows you are capable of doing and FINISHING their paint job and that theirs is just one of many successful paint jobs you have completed in the past. Even better. . . Place job photos next to the customer. You can easily update and create job references and add photos using ACT Contractors Forms Software.

  5. Include a copy of your painting limited labor warranty and any paint manufacturers warranty for the products you will be applying! Why? Because it shows your commitment to the paint job being done right. It shows that you, as well as the makers of the paint products you are using, will stand behind your work. Our form WC2 or CWC2 (Painting Limited Workmanship Warranty) works great for this.

ACT Contractors Forms Software makes it easy to create a painting bid presentation that wins by including ALL the forms listed in 1-5 above (and many more forms)  and by easily adding photos to any form!


Click on links to see samples

BP1- Bid Proposal Form "Blank" Painting Bid Proposal Form to property owner or agent that can be used for any type of paint job including commercial.

BP2- Subcontractor Bid "Blank" Painting Bid Proposal Form for painting subcontractor giving bid to a General Contractor or agent.

IBP1- Interior Painting Bid Proposal Form with estimate table given to property owner or agent

IBP- Interior Painting Bid Proposal Form given to property owner or agent.

XBP1- Exterior Painting Bid Proposal Form with estimate table given to property owner or agent.

XBP- Exterior Painting Bid Proposal Form given to property owner or agent.

IPS- Inspection Photo Sheet for bidding paint jobs. Add Photos to your bid or other documents for clarification or illustration.

JRS- Job Reference Sheet for marketing and sales in your painting company. List happy customers and add credibility to your painting company and to your painting work.

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