IMPORTANT! In 2011 Assembly Bill 457 went into effect... California has changed the laws regarding Mechanic's Liens by modifying California Civil Code Sections 3084 and 3146! 

The mechanic's lien must be accompanied by a new NOTICE OF MECHANIC'S LIEN. Under this new CA law, the mechanic's lien and the notice of mechanic's lien must be served upon the property owner or reputed owner. The lien claimant is required to complete and sign a proof of service affidavit which is also included as part of the mechanic's lien. Under the new law, if you fail to serve the mechanic's lien including the new NOTICE OF MECHANIC'S LIEN upon the property owner (or reputed owner) as required, the mechanic's lien will be unenforceable.

Also included in the new law is the mandatory requirement that a notice of lis pendens be recorded within 20 days after filing the lawsuit to enforce the lien. We have been advising that our customers make sure this notice is recorded for the 18 years we have been in business selling forms.  Now it is a mandatory requirement.  The attorney who will be filing the lawsuit, if the mechanic's lien process goes this far, should be familiar with this requirement.

California Construction contractors and subcontractors have a process to collect money from a non-paying customer called the mechanics lien. Often, the act of filing the Mechanics Lien Form itself is enough to get a stubborn, non-paying customer back to the negotiating table so that the situation can be resolved. 

The California mechanics lien form is the California Contractor Form that a licensed CA Construction Contractor or subcontractor uses to begin the process of having the debt satisfied out of the property. In California, filing a mechanics lien helps insure that funds will be available to satisfy any judgment "won" by the contractor since the mechanics lien places a "hold" or "encumbrance" on the real property in question, where work was done.

When you order this form you will receive an informational sheet and timeline with instructions for filing a California Mechanics Lien.

This 2018 MEC-CA (California Mechanics Lien Form) is available as:

  • Printed form (2-part white with yellow copy with new Notice of Mechanics Lien and Proof of Service Affidavit)
    ($110.00 for 50)

  • "Instant" fillable PDF form- $25

  • As part of our stand alone software program specifically for California (all other states available)... ACT Contractors Forms on Disk  

Click on link to see sample of the mechanic's lien form

California mechanics Lien Form for CA Construction contractorsMEC-CA - CA Mechanics Lien Form








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