Here’s what some of ACT Contractors Forms customers are saying about our software and forms...

"I have been using your software for over 10 years... I know your forms have helped me grow my business... whenever I have had a problem you have always been there at the other end of the phone to help me!  Thanks ACT!

L.C.-Commercial Painting Contractor- Miami, FL 

"Been struggling with a 20 page CA Home Improvement Contract purchased from an attorney, then I saw one of your contracts that my sub was using... Your contracts fit my needs perfectly and are 1/4 the length!... no more trying to explain all the extra words and legal-speak to my customers!"

T.T.-General Contractor- San Jose, CA 

"I just got the software... installed it and everything works as I hoped it would... it sure puts the old Word formated forms I have been using to shame, I see now the advantage a program like yours has over all those word processor created forms for sale on the internet!"

S.M.- Painting Contractor- Upland, CA 

"I am bad with computers... The comfort of knowing I can always get you on the phone... and talk to someone... if I have a problem is worth ten times what I paid for your software... You guys are the best!"

G.S.- Roofing Contractor- N. Ridgeville, OH 

"I asked the California Contractors State License Board about a source for LEGAL California Contractors Forms and they recommended your company... I am glad I took their advice..."

D.P.- HVAC Contractor- Woodland Hills, CA 

"I just spent $99.95 on another construction form program that created a home improvement  contract for Pennsylvania 24 pages long! How can I possibly sell a 24 page contract to my customers for something as simple as 300 square feet of siding? I think your contracts do a better job protecting me in two pages than this other contract did in 24!  24 pages... Obviously a contract made by someone who never sold a job in their life!"

C.S.-Roofing and Insurance Restoration Contractor- Pittsburgh, PA 

"I am contacting you to let you know how pleased we are with your contracting forms. They have already been a great asset to our growing company and is giving us a great competitive edge. We look forward to working with you in the future!"

M.R.-Roofing and General Contractor-Austin, TX 

"My attorney recommended your software to me. He said that I could get a complete package of compliant forms for less than one hour with him.... and he said just one contract would take him at least three hours to create!"

G.M.-Painting Contractor-Upland, CA 

"You are the only company I could find that makes roofing and general contracting forms for Florida... Made my trip there after hurricane season a lot easier."

A.B.-Roofing and General Contractor-Fort Meyers, FL 

"You guys have the best support system anywhere! One call and my problem was taken care of. I appreciate your professionalism."

T.H-Attorney-Los Angeles, CA 

"My client needed the new California Home Improvement & Service & Repair Contracts after the CSLB shut him down for non compliant contracts. You offered him everything he needed without me having to re-invent the wheel for him. He was back in business in two days!"

M.L.-Attorney-Sacramento, CA 

"I went to my attorney and asked him to put a single contract together for me"...He said, "That will be $850 please", I bought your software instead... it works great... I have all the California forms I need and it sure saved me a load of money."

T.S.- Painting Contractor-San Diego, CA 

"The program is easy to use... I really like how what you see and do on screen is exactly what the printed form looks like..."

F.M.- Roofing Contractor-Sacramento, CA 

"The license Board told me to get legal contracts from a stationary store. I went to a lot of stores and all I could find was a four page form that cost $3 each and I had to hand print my Company name and address on each form...These forms were missing a lot of the things I needed...then I found you guys... I get exactly what I need for a much cheaper price..."

R.K.- Painting Contractor-Reno, NV 

"I have three different construction forms software programs on my shelf ... none of them worked out of the box, I had to change and add all sorts of things to the forms to make them work... The forms these programs print make me look like a real Mickey Mouse operation... I had given up when you told me about your software. I decided to give it one more shot and I sure am glad... your program works just like you said it would and my forms make me look like a million bucks!"

J.M.- General Contractor- Riverside, CA 

"My customers love the bids I make with your software. Please don't sell any of your programs to my competition!"

R.S.- General Contractor- Los Angeles, CA 

"I got hauled into court by one of my attorney said your forms are the only thing that saved my butt...!"

R.D.- Painting Contractor- Sacramento, CA 

"I can't believe how well your software works for my trade. I was able to customize the forms to fit exactly what I needed...!"

S.T.- Electrical Contractor- Los Angeles, CA

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