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2024 Roofing Salesperson Contract Forms
For Roofing Contractors

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  • Roofing Salesperson Independent Contractor Terms of Service Agreement Form
  • Commercial Roofing Contracts for Roofing Contractor Salespersons
  • Residential Roofing Contracts for Roofing Contractor Salespersons
  • Residential Roofing Contract for Insurance Restoration like Hail Damage

Roofing Contractors... If you use independent salespeople (you know 1099 sales and estimation service providers) to estimate and sell your roofing jobs, these forms are essential to the success of your roofing contractor business. According to the IRS, your state tax board, OSHA, and the labor commissioner, In order to keep an independent salesperson truly "independent" you, as the business owner, have to walk a fine line. You must require certain things from your independent roofing salesperson in order for them to service your roofing business. But... if you require to much of them or if you control them beyond a certain level, you make them your employee and they are no longer an independent contractor. If the salesperson is considered an employee by your actions, then you are expected to comply with employee tax laws, workman's compensation insurance laws, vehicles and related expenses, possibly minimum income requirements... etc... in short, all the things you are trying to avoid by making them independent contractors in the first place are now your responsibility!  For example...

  • What happens to the sales "leads" you give to your independent salesperson if the job is not sold by them... will they be selling your "dead" leads that cost YOU marketing dollars, to another roofing company to...  you know... your competition?
  • How long is your business relationship with them and how is this relationship terminated and for what reasons?
  • What exactly is your expectations for the salesperson and what can they expect from you in assistance? As an independent, you can't provide training and you can't control their time and manner of performing services for you... how will you handle these important conditions and still have an effective sales system?
  • How will the salesperson be compensated and when is the compensation paid? And...under what circumstances will no compensation be due them? When and under what circumstances will the salesperson be liable to your Roofing Company for costs resulting from things like inaccurate bids?
  • How will you make it clear that the salesperson is truly an independent contractor in the "eyes of" the IRS, state tax agency, OSHA... etc and not an employee. What exactly will your company require from them as an independent and what will they be responsible for?  
  • What happens if the independent mis-bids a contract for roofing work... either by accident, ignorance or even to "punish" your company ... will your roofing company be bound by the signed contract even though doing the work will cost, not make, you money?

ACT Contractors Forms Software makes it easy to use the optionally included independent salesperson agreements between your roofing company and your 1099 independent roofing estimators/salespeople... and ACT Contractors Forms Software includes the contracts that your independent salesperson will sign as an agent for your roofing company while limiting your liability for their mistakes.

ACT CONTRACTORS FORMS OFFERS THE FOLLOWING INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR AGREEMENT FOR ESTIMATION AND SALES SERVICES AND SALESPERSON SIGNED ROOFING CONTRACT FORMS FOR EVERY TYPE OF ROOFING PROJECT The forms below are included in the full version of ACT Contractors Forms Software and most are also available as fillable pdf forms and as printed multi-part paper forms.

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  • ICA- Independent Contractor Agreement For Providing Sales & Estimation Services To Your Roofing Company
  • RC2- Commercial Roofing Contract Form For Salesperson for Roofing Projects on commercial, industrial and on newly constructed buildings signed by a salesperson.
  • RC4- Residential Roofing Contract Form For Salesperson for residential, re-roofing projects signed by a salesperson.
  • RC4I- Residential Roofing Insurance Restoration Contract Form For Salesperson for roofing projects on residential homes paid by insurance proceeds signed by a salesperson.


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