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Over 20 years in California keeping California Contractors SAFE, LEGAL & PROSPEROUS! 


Easy to learn, easy to use software program for your windows PC that contains all the forms and contracts any General Contractor will need for their business. The included forms are designed by experienced contractors to make you more efficient by getting more done in less time and by being more accurate with your paperwork. All included forms are designed to work together to improve your image with the customer, help eliminate legal hassles, and to help you get more of the jobs you bid on. ACT will let our forms speak for themselves. Just click on the product links below to see samples of any of the forms included in this software package.

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Key Benefits of CA General Contractors Form Software

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  • Our software is a Stand Alone program that does not require any other software like Microsoft Word or Excel to operate. Our software has many more powerful features than Word Processor or spreadsheet (Microsoft Word, Excel, etc.) based template forms that grow longer as you type them in. We do not scare your customers with 10 page contracts like they do! After all, who wants to sign a document for a small home improvement that is longer than the documents the home owner signed to BUY THEIR ENTIRE HOME! Word Based forms make a "home grown" looking document that customers distrust. Our software makes a professionally typeset document that looks better than a commercial print shop can do!
  • CALIFORNIA specific (all other state versions are available). Each of the versions of our software is Trade Specific and State Specific! Our forms are not GENERIC.
  • Our software allows you to easily change and modify the forms any way you wish!
  • Fill Out the form on screen, then print the completed form on plain paper or carbonless paper- we'll show you exactly how. You do not have to loose the convenience of NCR Carbonless forms when using our software!
  • Software is optionally custom made for you with your company information, names, LOGO etc. already included on each form to save you time and get you up and running quickly!
  • Costs less than the price of 1.5 hours in front of most construction attorneys!
  • And it's so EASY, EASY, EASY to use!!!
  • Give your Company the Image with your potential customers that will make your bid the WINNING bid! Get a leg up over your competition by using ACT Contractors Forms on Disk Software!


ACT Forms On Disc

Fill Out & Print Forms on your PC 


Print Blank Forms on your PC or Laptop to fill out by hand


Use on a laptop in the field with a portable printer


Unlimited Form Printing.. no usage fees


Change Company Info... Add, change, or delete anything on the forms.. or create new forms


California Contractors Law Version


New York, Texas, Nevada, Washington, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Arizona, Oregon, Minnesota, Pennsylvania AND VERSIONS FOR EACH OF THE 50 STATES!


Version made specifically for General Contractors, Roofing Contractors, Painting Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers and Other Trades


Works with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10


Includes 80+ forms and contracts


Stand Alone Software Program


Save completed forms to Hard Drive


We can "burn" a CD with your LOGO, Company Name, & other Company Information


Don't Tell... SHOW! Add your Job Photos directly to any form from your digital camera


Add your Company LOGO to any form 


Convert any Form to PDF to easily transmit the form by EMAIL to your customers


Print Forms in color, WITH PHOTOS!


Spell check Forms


Create Other Documents like brochures, business cards, door hangers etc.




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California Construction Contracts, Home Improvement Contracts, Subcontract Forms: (25 forms)

(Construction Contract- GC1)     (Construction Contract for use by Salesmen- GC2)
(Residential (Home Improvement) Construction Contract- GC3
(Residential Construction Contract for use by Salesmen- GC4)
(Construction T&M Proposal/Contract (use with COW)- TMC)
(Home Improvement Proposal/Contract- HIP)
(Construction Proposal/Contract- PRC)     (Cost Plus Fixed Fee) (Contract (use with COW2)- CPF)
(Cost Plus Percentage Contract (use with COW2)- CPP)     (Subcontract- SC1)
(Subcontract with Indemnity Clause for Liability Insurance Requirements- SC2)
(Subcontract to use when you are subbing from another contractor- SC3
(California Service and Repair Contract T&M- SRC2)
(California Service and Repair Contract Fixed Price- SRC1
(California Service and Repair Notices- SRN)    
(California 2018 Home Improvement Contracts
(California Home Improvement Notices- HIN (normal) & HIND (for disasters))
(Continuation and Home Improvement Notices- CS1&HIN)

California General Contractors Warranty Forms: (2 forms)

(Contractors Warranty Form-WC3)     (Contractors Warranty Certificate- CWC3)

California Change Order Forms and other Contract Management Forms: (24 forms)

(Addendum for Matching Existing Conditions & Finishes- ADM)    ( Authorization of Insured- AOI
(Cost of Work Addendum- COW)    (
Cost of Work Addendum for Cost Plus Contracts- COW2)
(Change Order- CO1)     (Extra Work Order- CO2)     (Change Order for Sub- CO3
(Extra Work Order for Sub- CO4)     (Change Order to Sub- CO5)    (Extra Work Order to Sub- CO6)
(Change Order Log- COL)     (Back Charge Notice for Subcontractors- BC1)
(Construction Payment Schedule- CPS)     (Construction Payment Schedule No Retention- CPS2
(Subcontractors Notice to Perform- NTP)     (California Preliminary Notice- CPN)   
(Notice of Right to Cancel (3 day normal)- CN1)     (Notice of Right to Cancel (7 day disaster)- CN2)    
(Waiver of Right to Cancel- CNW)     (Notice For Lien Contracts- LCN
(Joint Control Addendum- JCA)     (Notice of Non-Responsibility- NNR)
(Environmental Hazards (lead, asbestos, mold) Disclaimer & Hold Harmless- HAZ)

California General Contractor Bid Forms, Construction Cost Breakdown Form, Bid Proposal Forms: (11 forms)

(Bid Proposal- BP1 (3 versions included)     (Subcontract Bid Proposal- BP2 (2 versions included)
(Construction Cost Breakdown)     (Bid Plan Sheet- PSH)
(Request For Material Price- RFM)     (Request For Bid- RFB)
(Inspection Photo Sheet- IPS)    (Job References Sheet- JRS)

California General Contractor Invoice Forms, California Lien Release Forms, California Mechanics Lien and Stop Notice Forms:(16 forms)

(Construction Invoice- INV)     (Standard Invoice- INV2)     (Time & Material Invoice- T&M)    
(Conditional Lien Release & Completion Certificate- CLR)
Conditional Lien Release with Progress Payment- CLRP)
(Unconditional Lien Release with Final Payment- ULR)
Unconditional Lien Release with Progress Payment- ULRP)     (Workers Labor Release- LLR)
(Mechanics Lien- MEC)     (Release of Mechanics Lien- RML (this is for releasing a Mechanics Lien only)
(Stop Notice- STP)     (Release of Stop Notice (Private)- STR)     (Release of Stop Notice (Public)- STR2)     (Notice of Completion- NOC)     (Notice of Cessation- NOS)

Door Hanger Template Forms and other Construction Business Forms:(20 forms)

(Continuation Sheet- CS1 (4 versions on the disk)     (Daily Field Report- DFR)     (Daily Report- DR1)
(Fax Transmittal Sheet- FAX)     (Weekly Time Sheet (card)- WTS)
(Stick On Labels for Advertisement- GIF)
(Matching Letterhead- LTH)     (Memorandum- MEM)     (Purchase Order- PO1)     (Transmittal- TRN)
(Submittal- SUB)     (Request for Information- RFI)     (Request for Technical Instructions- RFT)
(Matching #10 Envelope)     (Matching Business Card Template)
(Door Hanger Template For Marketing)     (Door Hanger Template -Sorry we Missed you)

Pricing For ACT Forms on Disc For CA (B) General Contractors


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DELUXE CUSTOM CALIFORNIA VERSION- ACT Forms on Disc for California (B) General Contractors with every form- Custom burnt CD- we place your company information/LOGO on each form & includes the report on "How to Print Your Own Carbonless Forms Right From Your Own PC" Free. This version meets the current, 2018, California State contractors laws (CSLB).... OUR MOST POPULAR FORM SOLUTION FOR CALIFORNIA (B) GENERAL CONTRACTORS! THOUSAND OF CALIFORNIA GENERAL CONTRACTORS USE THIS SOFTWARE FOR THEIR FORMS and... WE HAVE SOLD A BUNCH OF THESE TO CALIFORNIA ATTORNEYS' TOO!  




BASIC CALIFORNIA VERSION-ACT Forms on Disc for General Contractors with the essential forms needed for your business- Custom burnt CD- we place your company information/LOGO on each form. This version meets the current, 2018, California State contractors laws (CSLB). Includes:

HIP (home improvement proposal/contract)
HIN (home improvement notices)
CN1(notice of cancellation)
GC1(construction contract)
SC1(subcontract agreement)
CO1(change order)
BP1(bid proposal)
INV (contract invoice)
INV2(standard invoice)
WC3 (warranty)

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MINIMUM CALIFORNIA VERSION-ACT Forms on Disc for General Contractors with any 5 forms, you choose 5 forms from the list above- Includes a Custom burnt CD- we place your company information on each form. This version meets the current, 2018, California State contractors laws (CSLB).

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Service & Repair Contracts ADD ON to FODG3CA or FODG5CA Includes:

SRC1 (CA Service & Repair Contract-fixed price)
SRC2 (CA Service & Repair Contract-T&M)
SRC3 (CA Service & Repair Contract-Fixed Price after disaster)
SRC4 (CA Service & Repair Contract-T&M after disaster)
SRN (CA Service & Repair Notices) 



Bid ADD ON to FODG3CA or FODG5CA Includes:

BP1 (Bid Proposal)
BP1I (insurance bid proposal)
BP2 (subcontract bid proposal)
CCB (Construction Cost Breakdown)
IPS (Inspection Photo Sheet)
JRS (Job References Sheet)
PSH (Plan Sheet)
RFB (Request for Bid)
RFM (Request for Material Prices)



Change Order ADD ON to FODG3CA or FODG5CA Includes:

CO1 (Change Order)
CO2 (extra work order)
CO3 (subcontract change order)
CO4 (subcontract extra work order)
COL (change order log)



Contracts ADD ON to FODG3CA or FODG5CA Includes:

GC3 (CA Home Improvement Contract)
GC3I (CA Home Improvement Contract Insurance)
GC4 (CA Home Improvement Contract Salesmen)
HIP (home improvement proposal/contract)
HIN (home improvement notices)
HIND (home improvement notices after disaster)
GC1 (construction contract)
GC2 (construction contract salesman)
PRC (construction proposal/contract)
TMC (T&M commercial proposal/contract)
CPC (cost plus contract)
CS1 (continuation sheet)
CS1&HIN (home improvement notices and continuation sheet)
CN1 (notice of cancellation 3 day)
CN2 (notice of cancellation 7 day after disaster)
CNW (waiver of 3 day right to cancel)
ADM (addendum for matching existing conditions & finishes)
COW (cost of work addendum for t&m)
CPS (contract payment schedule)
HAZ (hazardous materials hold harmless addendum)
JCA (joint control addendum)
LCN (lien contract notice)



Legal Forms ADD ON to FODG3CA or FODG5CA Includes:

ULR (unconditional lien release final payment)
ULRP (unconditional lien release progress payment)
CLR (conditional lien release final payment)
CLRP (conditional lien release progress payment)
LLR (laborers lien release)
CPN (20 day notice, CA preliminary notice, pre-lien)
STP (stop notice)
STR (stop notice release- public)
STR2 (stop notice release- private)
NOC (notice of completion)
NOS (notice of cessation)
NNR (notice of non responsibility)
MEC (mechanics lien)
RML (release of mechanics lien)



Subcontract ADD ON to FODG3CA or FODG5CA Includes:

SC1 (subcontract agreement)
SC2 (subcontract agreement with indemnity clause)
SC3 (you are subbing from another contractor)
BC1 (back charge notice)
NTP (notice to perform)



Extras ADD ON to FODG3CA or FODG5CA Includes:

DHD (Door Hanger- marketing)
DHDS (door hanger- sorry we missed you)
SUB (submittal)
TRN (transmittal)
#10 envelope to match
business card template to match
DFR (daily field report)
DR1 (daily report)
FAX (fax cover sheet to match)
GIF (general information labels)
LTH (letterhead to match)
MEM (memorandum)
PO1 (purchase order)
RFI (request for information)
RFT (request for technical assistance)
WTS (weekly time sheet)



Optional Insurance Package Add-On includes all the most sought after forms for an Insurance Restoration Contractor.  Includes (5) different contingency agreements, releases for direct pay, Insurance Contracts, Recoverable Depreciation Invoice (profit & overhead), supplements (supplemental claims), insurance bid forms that follow Xactimate, Mold Remediation Agreement, Damage Mitigation Agreement (board ups, dry outs and tarping), completion certificates and more...



Optional Marketing Package Add-On includes templates for making company brochures, newspaper ad templates, templates for making your own door hangers, template to make your own price guide. Includes information on where to buy supplies and also includes suggestions for using these marketing documents in your business.



Optional Independent Contractor Package Add-On includes construction specific independent contractor agreements for independent salespersons as well as a "blanket" subcontractor agreement.  These are to spell out the terms that create an independent contractor relationship between the contractor and salesmen or subcontractor. These forms are very protective for the Contractor!



Let us show you "How To Print Your Own Carbonless Forms Right From Your Own PC" Shows you how to print your own carbonless forms right from your own PC. Includes what paper to use, where to buy it, how to place it in the printer, how to bind the pages... and more!

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