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2024 Commercial Roofing Contract Forms For Roofing Contractors

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  •  Commercial-Industrial-New Construction Roofing Contract Form
  • Roofing Time & Material Commercial-Industrial-New Construction Proposal and Contract Form

Doing your work with a "handshake" or doing your work based only on a bid or invoice, is setting your roofing business up for problems. Forget about unnecessary arguments with your customer about the work and how that kind of customer dissatisfaction impacts your reputation... Forget about the financial impact on your business when you have to give back money you rightfully have coming... Forget about how working without a protective, legal contract can make it impossible to sue for money owed and forget that even if you are allowed to bring a case to court, without a good contract, your side has nothing to argue except "common sense" which will be interpreted, not by an experienced construction professional, but by a Judge who just happens to be a HOMEOWNER!  Don't leave your business to chance when it is so easy to get a professional and protective Commercial Roofing Contract from ACT Contractors Forms.

Our Contracts will cover many of the problems roofing contractors typically run into on commercial work including these big ones ... 

  • If you are doing roofing work on a T&M or a cost plus basis, what exactly and specifically should you be charging for and what is your customer agreeing to pay for?
  • If you end up in court and win, who pays your attorney and other expensive legal fees?
  • What is part of the work that you included and charged for and what is an extra charge?
  • What happens when you find discovered damage or other problems like structural low spots, when the work is "opened up" and which could not be seen during the visual, surface inspection you made for the scope of work in the contract?
  • What about arbitration in lieu of court?  Contractors almost always make out better with arbitration so including binding arbitration in your contract can save you money.
  • What are your warranty responsibilities? What is covered and what is not covered and for how long?
ACT Contractors Forms Software makes it easy to create a commercial roofing contract that protects your company, that helps prevents customer conflicts, that saves you time and that just plain looks professional to your customers so they want to do business with you!

ACT CONTRACTORS FORMS OFFERS THE FOLLOWING 2 ROOFING CONTRACT FORMS FOR COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL-NEW CONSTRUCTION ROOFING PROJECTS The forms below are included in the full version of ACT Contractors Forms Software and most are also available as fillable pdf forms and as printed multi-part paper forms.

Click on Thumbnails below to see LARGER samples...

  • RC1- Commercial Roofing Contract Form for roofing work on commercial, industrial and on newly constructed buildings.
  • RC5- Time & Material Commercial Roofing Contract Form for roofing work on commercial, industrial and on newly constructed buildings paid on a Time and Material basis.


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