Tech Support F.A.Q.

2) I click on the sample links on your website but nothing happens, I can't see the forms. You do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed or you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed. Click on this linkto go to the Adobe website and download the latest version of the FREE Acrobat Reader. This is a large file and takes time to download but the wait is worth it since you miss so much on the web without it!

3) I can't change my form. To change the form itself, you must be on the MASTER page. To get to the master page click "VIEW" on the menu bar and then click "Master Page."

4) I still can't change some of the items on the master page. Some of the objects you are trying to change might be grouped with other objects. Click on the object then go to the menu bar and click ARRANGE. If you see "Ungroup Objects" as a choice on the drop down list this means the object you are trying to edit is grouped with other objects. Simply click "Ungroup Objects" and you will be able to edit any object of the original group.

5) How do I email a form to my customer? Our program has a PDF generator built into it. After you fill out the form you wish to email, click on "FILE" and then click "Publish as PDF". The next window that opens up has many options but try the default options first as these will work well in almost every situation. After you have the form converted to a PDF file, just attach this PDF file to the email sent to your customer. They will then be able to open the file up with the free Acrobat Reader program that almost every computer has and... more importantly... this PDF file cannot be changed by your customer!

contact act contractors forms at 1.800.820.5656