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Hold Harmless From Customer Refused Recommendations

Hold Harmless From Hazardous Materials

Addendum For Matching Existing Conditions & Finishes

Cost Of Work Addendums for T & M and Cost Plus Work

Project Allowances Addendum

List Of Suppliers 

List of Subcontractors

Payment Schedule

Joint Control Addendum


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2024 Roofing Contract Addendums and Attachments

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Roofing Contractors need a good selection of addendums that can be included, as needed, in their contracts whenever circumstances demand. If you have been in the roofing business very long, you have probably encountered many unconventional situations and job conditions. Because of this, it is important that Roofing Contractors have the right collection of contract addendums and attachments to meet those conditions.

If hazardous substances are suspected or found to be present on the job site, you need an addendum to help mitigate any liability against your roofing company. When your customer doesn't want to pay for work on their roofing project, that you recommend, you need protection from their choices. What happens, if you discover questionable counter flashing on the chimney of the clients home you are re-roofing and they tell you... "Ya, we know it should be replaced but we are planning on selling in two years and it has lasted for the last 30 so it will surely last at least 2 more... which is as long as we will be living here!" ...they say, and... "we don't want to put any more money into this house."  As the expert, you know the chimney could start leaking the next time it rains and, if not, it is only a matter of time before it does.  So, you have two choices. 

One... you can try and cancel the contract. But, cancellation in this circumstance is only possible with the customer's, mutual, consent...or...

Two... you can do as they say and ignore the problem counter flashing, knowing there will be water coming in, around their chimney, long before the roof needs replacing again.

Now, trying to cancel a contract can be difficult or impossible if the homeowner does not want to cancel it. If you choose to do the work the way the homeowner wants it, against your recommendations, we have an addendum that holds your roofing company harmless for any consequences of doing the work as the customer wants.... namely, a leaking chimney with possible interior water damage. 

Doing work on a time & material basis? We have addendums to attach to the contract for T&M work, that detail exactly what is included and what is a separate charge. Most disputes on T&M based work happen because the property owner either doesn't understand what you are charging them for or did not expect to be charged the way the roofing contractor is charging them. Our Cost of Work Addendums explain exactly what and exactly how much the customer will be charged.

ACT CONTRACTORS FORMS OFFERS THE FOLLOWING 13 ROOFING CONTRACT ADDENDUMS AND ATTACHMENTS- The forms below are included in the full version of ACT Contractors Forms Software and most are also available as fillable pdf forms and as printed multi-part paper forms. 

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  • CN1&CNW- Three day right to cancel form and the waiver of the three day right to cancel in one form
  • CNW- Waiver of the Three Day Right To Cancel in Emergency or Immediate Necessity Circumstances
  • COW- Cost of Work Addendum for T & M Roofing Contracts 
  • COW2- Cost of Work Addendum for Cost Plus Roofing Contracts
  • CPS-  Contract Payment Schedule Addendum for Larger Roofing Contracts with More Than 4 Progress Payments
  • CPS2- Contract Payment Schedule With Contract Retentions for Larger Roofing Projects with more than 4 Progress Payments
  • CS1- Continuation Sheet for Roofing Contracts
  • HAZ- Hold Harmless Agreement from Hazardous Materials on a Roofing Project
  • HHR- Hold Harmless Agreement from Customer Refused Recommendations on a Roofing Project
  • JCA- Joint Control Roofing Contact Addendum
  • MLST- Roofing Contract Addendum List of Material Suppliers (some state lien laws require this)
  • SLST- Roofing Contract Addendum List of Project Subcontractors (some state lien laws require this also)


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