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Contractors Door Hangers... How to get them delivered for "FREE"

Posted by Bill Baird on Sat, Oct 10, 2009 @ 22:10 PM


Contractor Worker Thumbs Up.

In part one of this post I gave my 2 cents about contractors marketing with door hangers and some of the things and techniques I have learned over the years. I've never kept count, but I am sure that over 35 years, I have probably put over a million door hangers on the front door knob of somebodies home and I didn't do that because they don't work!


     Now I would like to tell you of a great way to get these door hangers delivered "free" and at the same time increase the happiness of your employees. It is simple. When you get a job you send your crew out to do the work... right? These guys are usually paid hourly and are always looking for more ways to make money. Here's what you do...


      On the next residential job you get in a neighborhood of homes, print up 100 door hangers with the address of the customer on the door hanger. Once again, this is why it is great to have contractors forms software that can do this for you.


     On the door hanger, be sure to put  something like "we are doing your neighbors home at XXXXXXXXX, please drive by and see what a professionally (insert your service here) job can do for a home like yours... then give us a call for a FREE inspection & Estimate..." Also, be sure to code these door hangers so when you get a call, you will know where the door hanger came from.

     Now give these door hangers to your crew.  Tell them that ON THEIR OWN TIME, put these on 100 doors of houses that need the same services you are selling and that they are doing. Why should they do this?

     Because you are going to give them a commission for every job you sell from one of these door hangers. BY commission I mean a HUGE commission, (by their standards), for your entire crew. WE used to give them the same commission that are sales staff received for selling the job, 10% of the job price. You can give them whatever you want but there are great advantages to giving them a nice - big - commission.

  • First... your guys will know that their commission depends on the customer driving by and taking a look and sometimes talking to the homeowner, so they know the job better be done RIGHT!
  • Second... your guys will appreciate the chance to make a nice chunk of change over their wages, for this simple "job".
  • Third... doing this will make your guys not only part of production which they are anyway, but will make them a part of "sales" which they always feel left out of. You'll find your workers rooting for the salesperson instead of griping that they do not have enough work and that the "stupid" salesman doesn't know anything about, well, anything.

     Believe me, when you institute this, after getting a commission or two, your crews will BEG you to print up more door hangers! Your job quality will go up. Best of all, your crews will "police" themselves about the work they do, about how the truck looks and about how they look on the job because they know their commissions depend on it!

If there ever was a win - win situation between a contractor and his employees... this is it!


P.S. Be sure to get permission from your customer to use their name and address in this way. This should be part of your home improvement contract terms and conditions!


Have any questions about where to buy door hanger paper or how to make door hangers from your PC? Just put any questions in the comments below and we will be glad to answer them!

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