Everything PA Contractors NEED to Know about the New Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act (PA HICPA)!

PA HICPA is complicated and has many pitfalls for the home improvement contractor.

ACT Contractors Forms has put together a FREE pamphlet explaining:

    1. What PA HICPA is.
    2. Who must be registered.
    3. What is the definition of "Home Improvement".
    4. Work that IS and IS NOT home improvement.
    5. How to register and what you need to do so.
    6. When does a registration expire.
    7. An overview of the new laws effecting what must be on the Home Improvement Contract form you use.
    8. PA HICPA... Key Points for Contractors.

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      ALSO INCLUDED with the free pamphlet is a special offer on any of our form products that comply with these new PA laws! Get compliant and protect your contracting business at a special discount!



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