CALIFORNIA Home Improvement Contract Law Test Question 9

9. I saw a CA Home Improvement Contract on this website that is only 2 pages long... does this contract comply with all the California Laws?


Here is why: Most contracts are "typed up" and not "type-set" by software that was never designed to make a form.. like word or excel. Many contracts for California Home Improvement are pieced together from "sample" forms by people with no real world experience in making forms, experience in CA contractors law, or even in the contracting business. That is why you see so many 5, 10, 15, even 20 page California Home Improvement Contracts for sale on the internet. Since they really do not have an answer to any question you might ask about the forms they sell... Is it any wonder that you cannot talk to these same people and ask about the forms they are selling? If they do list a phone number it is usually hidden somewhere on their website and it goes straight to voice mail.

ACT Contractors Forms have just what you need to protect your interests and stay out of trouble... without having to place a 10 page "book" contract in front of the customer that screams "LAWYER" and  that scares them off!

ACT Contractors Forms has CSLB Compliant, CA legal Home improvement Contracts specific by trade and situation.  We do not use the same contract with different titles for different trades as so many others do... our forms and contracts are TRULY TRADE SPECIFIC... and yes... we even have a simplified contract that is only 2 pages long for quick "in and out jobs" when there is no time for a down payment and progress payments do not make sense. Plumbing or electrical contractors LOVE this simplified contract. 
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