Contractor Forms must include the 3-day right to cancel if they are for Home Improvement Jobs!

Home Improvement Contractor FormsThe contractor forms many businesses use for home improvement work lack the required notices that must be given to the consumer regarding their 3-day right to cancel.

ACT Contractors Forms has put together a FREE white paper explaining:

    1. Where the 3-day cancellation "rule" comes from.
    2. What the rule contains.
    3. Exceptions to the 3-day cancellation rule.
    4. Work that IS and IS NOT home improvement.
    5. Where the home improvement contract is signed is important.
    6. What is a "business day"
    7. Can the 3-day cancellation right be waived?
    8. An overview of the laws effecting what must be on the Home Improvement Contract form you use.
    9. A copy of the federal 3-day cooling off rule pamphlet.

 Discount Offer from ACT Contractors Forms

ALSO INCLUDED with the free pamphlet is a special offer on any of our Contractor form products that include the 3- Day cancellation requirements for your state! Get compliant and protect your contracting business at a special discount!



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